Google May Launch Version of Apple’s ‘Search’ Network On Android


Google may release an alternative Android version of Apple’s “Search” network. Recent evidence shows that the company should introduce a similar service to the device community that helps find lost products.

XDA Developers found data about a network called “Find My Device” in the Google Play Services beta code. The description indicates that the service “allows your phone to help locate your devices and others”.

Currently, Google already offers an app called Find My Device. However, it only makes it possible to find devices that are connected to the user’s own Google account.

Apparently, the supposed “Find My Device” network should extend the devices’ location radius. That way, you can also help other Android users find their lost devices.

According to Google data, there are more than three billion Android devices spread around the world. Thus, owners of devices with the system and Google Play Services active should benefit from the new service offered by the company.

There is no information on whether this new tool will be exclusive to Android 12 or will support previous versions. However, the concept will only make sense if it is a wide network with as many users as possible.

How does the Search network work?

Apple’s Search network is a collaborative platform that connects thousands of branded devices that use bluetooth technology. Notably, communication between devices occurs anonymously with end-to-end encryption.

The system is intended to help the user find the approximate location of an object. In several cases, it has proven useful for tracking devices or other gadgets that have been lost or stolen.


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