Google may launch Pixel Buds headphones in 2021


Google may launch in 2021 another wireless headset from the Pixel Buds line. Recently, two of the company’s products appeared in certification documents in the United States with the same characteristics as the brand’s previous earbuds.

The alleged Pixel Buds 3 appeared on FCC pages with the identifications “GPQY2” and “G7YPJ”. The certifications were registered by a company identified as Weifang Goertek Electronics, which is the same name used in the documentation of the first Pixel Buds.

In addition to the similar characteristics in the documentation, the record points out that the headsets have similar dimensions to the Pixel Buds 2, as well as the same Bluetooth range. The latest generation of Google earbuds was introduced in late 2019 by the company.

So far, there are no extra details on the specifications of the alleged Pixel Buds 3. Android Police points out that the documentation confidentiality agreement expires 180 days after approval, which points to the disclosure of the headphones in September.

Google usually hosts the Made By Google event in the second half of the year to showcase its new devices. The trend is that the next generation of headphones will be revealed during the occasion, which should also include news for smartphones in the Pixel line.

Google did not comment on the rumors. The original Pixel Buds was launched in 2017 with great integration with Google Assistant, while the second generation of the product brought a completely wireless design.


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