Google may force Android TVs to launch


Android TV is gaining more and more improvements and a very important one should arrive soon: the AV1 codec. And a source points out that the use of it should become mandatory for televisions with the Google operating system starting in March, which must require certain specific hardware for it to be viable. Better understand how this should work.

The new AV1 codec should be widely adopted by Google in its video services, since it is royalty-free and still allows you to save up to 30% of bandwidth without causing loss of image quality. However, for it to work it takes much more than just a system update, so Google can make it mandatory for all Android TV models released as of March 31, 2021, according to XDA sources.

According to them, not only Skyworth and Motorola TVs are already equipped with processors that support AV1, but also the new TVs announced by Sony during CES 2021 and more models with Android that are yet to be announced this year, showing that Google is really forcing manufacturers to adopt the new codec on models with Android 10 and 11.


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