Google May Face Lawsuit in US For Wizard Recordings


Google faces a lawsuit in the United States for recording conversations of people who accidentally activated the company’s voice assistant on their cell phone. The possibility was confirmed by San Jose District Judge Beth Labson Freeman this Thursday (1).

According to Reuters, the judge authorized the class-action claimants to pursue allegations of violations of privacy laws. Freeman says the authors have provided evidence that their conversations near Google Assistant-enabled devices were improperly recorded.

In the decision, the magistrate said that although the terms of use of the service state the possibility of collecting information for targeted advertising, there are gaps in communication. “It does not sufficiently inform users that it will use recordings made in the absence of manual activation or expression of words,” she said.

Triggered through commands such as “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, the virtual assistant would be activated by mistake when misinterpreting words said by users. For claimants, such recordings cannot be used to display advertisements.

Google denies violations

In response to the suit, the Mountain View company said there was no evidence that the plaintiffs were harmed or proof of breach of contract. Big tech also claims that it never promised that the wizard will be activated only when the user submits the command.

With a favorable decision, the plaintiffs can continue with the process, but they will need to gather concrete evidence to build the case. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and covers all Americans who purchased devices with Google Assistant as of May 18, 2016.

It’s worth remembering that Google faces a similar charge in India. Company officials reportedly revealed to the local government that the tool records conversations even when it is not activated. In addition, this material will be


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