Google May Create A Wearable That Takes Commands From The Skin


Google: Headphones and smart watches controlled by touching the skin could be the next innovation launched by Google. The technology appears in a patent recently filed by the Mountain View company with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As highlighted by LetsGoDigital on Sunday (6), the registration documents show that the novelty allows operating different types of wearable devices only with control through gestures on the skin. This action creates a mechanical wave captured by the device’s sensors.

From there, the “Sensor Fusion” technology combines the collected movement data and transforms it into an input command for the gadget. Swiping up and down and touching the skin with different intensities, among other gestures, would make it possible to answer calls, play or pause music, change tracks, modify the volume and much more.

According to the documentation, it is important that the gesture is made close to the wearable’s place of use, in order to be detected by the sensors. In the case of a smartwatch, for example, the touch should happen on the wrist, on the back of the hand or on the forearm, while in headphones it would be done on the ear itself.

Distinction of movements

So that certain movements are not misinterpreted, the system relies on machine learning capable of distinguishing them. According to the publication, actions such as scratching the hand, nodding and chewing, among others, are not detected as input gestures, and can be done normally.

It is not yet known when and if the Google-patented mechanism will be used. But rumors say that the technology may appear in the next generation of Pixel Buds headphones and/or in the Pixel Watch, the search giant’s watch that should be released by the end of the first semester.

A similar feature is present in the Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 headset, released last month, which responds to taps on the ear.