Google Maps will show COVID-19 intensity


Google Maps will soon show the COVID-19 spread in some countries and regions on a separate map layer. When the COVID layer to be added to the application is selected, the 7-day average of the number of cases per 100 thousand people in the regions can be seen. The density of the cases will be explained with colors, and whether the number is increasing or decreasing will be indicated with a sign. The feature in question will meet with users on iOS and Android this week.

This new feature of Google Maps will be in use outside the USA. This information can also be found in countries where the data are not disclosed in detail. However, in case of more intensive data sharing, it will be possible to see data not only on country basis but also on city basis.

Sujoy Banerjee, one of the product managers of Google Maps, stated that the new layer was designed to “help people make more informed decisions about where to go”. The data used in the aforementioned layer are taken from John Hopkins University, The New York Times and Wikipedia.

Google Maps users have previously been offered features associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Warnings about using masks in public transportation, showing take-away and take-away information in restaurants, going to health institutions were added to the application with the epidemic.

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