Google Maps will show COVID-19 instructions


Google Maps continues to offer new features to its users to assist in navigation during the COVID-19 era. Google, which will show more information to users in the COVID-19 information layer in the application, will also pass on local instructions and restrictions. The application will also show coronavirus test centers in some countries.

Those who use public transportation will be able to see whether they can travel in accordance with the social distance by looking at the density of the application. Auto drivers will also be offered the opportunity to try out the new driving features of Google Assistant. It is worth noting that this will only apply to English-speaking users in the US in the first place.

Google Maps users will also be able to order food through the app in the US, Germany, Australia, Brazil, India and Canada. Before ordering, users will be able to see the estimated delivery time and track their orders on the map.

When eating at restaurants becomes safe again, users will be able to track their reservation status through the application. This feature is supported in 70 countries. All the innovations added to Google Maps will first meet with users on iOS and Android.

Google Maps has been updated with period-appropriate features since the global COVID-19 outbreak began. It will not be a surprise for the internet giant to add new ones in line with the course of the epidemic.

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