Google Maps will allow you to pay for public transport


Google announced on Wednesday (17) the new feature that will allow the user to pay parking and public transport fees directly from Google Maps using Google Pay.

The application now allows for the payment of parking fees in more than 400 cities in the United States and transportation charges in more than 80 transit agencies worldwide. For now, the feature is active only for Android, but soon it will also be available for iOS.

The initiative aims to help users who need to move around the city during the pandemic. With more people changing their daily habits to the virtual environment, including shopping and food delivery, Google says this is another way to stay safe by avoiding direct contact with public surfaces.

According to Google, the update was possible thanks to the integration with the parking solution providers Passport and ParkMobile. Payments for public transportation charges will come from a credit or debit card already registered with your Google Pay account. So, to use the resource, the user needs to configure both platforms with the correct data.

The latest updates to Google Maps follow a series of tools developed for the pandemic period, including travel restriction alerts, real-time agglomeration warnings, and mapping new cases of the virus every seven days.