Google Maps will allow you to draw new and missing roads


Did your region get a road and it still doesn’t appear on Google Maps? Soon, you will be able to add it yourself, drawing it on the map. The novelty was revealed by the Mountain View giant on Thursday (11), along with two more new features.

Drawing new or missing roads on Maps will be possible through the option “Edit the map” in the side menu. By clicking on “Missing road”, the user will have the option to add the path not listed on the tool by drawing the lines very easily, instead of just placing a pin in place and indicating the name, as it currently happens.

In addition to pointing out the direction of the road, informing if it is one-way, for example, you can add her name, tell if there are restricted points or with some kind of problem and make other details available, as shown in the video below, released by Google :

It will also be possible to rename the roads already listed, modify directions and delete those that are incorrect or that no longer exist. Before taking the user’s update to air, the search giant will examine the added data to ensure greater accuracy of the information. The function will be available in more than 80 countries in the coming months.

More ways to update Google Maps

One of the other tools that will also be available soon is the photo update. In this case, the goal is to offer the user the chance to send more recent images of a specific location, accompanied by a brief description, without the need to leave comments or rating, helping other Internet users to get to know that place better.

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There will also be the launch of the “Local Love Challenge” feature, through which you can demonstrate support to companies in your region, using photos, comments and updating important information, such as the correct opening hours. This novelty will first arrive in the United States, in April, on the Android app.



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