Google Maps updates Street View with split screen


Released in 2007, thanks to 170 billion images taken in 87 countries, Google Maps has turned Street View into one of the most useful functions to prepare a trip and learn to move around a place before arriving. Whether you are looking at it on a PC, tablet or mobile, Street View shows you a real first-person view of the area you are going to visit, just as if you were already there.

Street View News

Available in the Google Maps smartphone app, in fact Street View is able to take advantage of the Augmented Reality of smartphones and show you more elements and layers. But when using it it can be a bit confusing, since you do not have the same reference as if you are looking at the overhead map, only the one at street level. To better guide you, Google has implemented something we have been waiting for a long time: a split screen.

The update of Google Maps for Android has introduced the divided screen in Street View, a feature that allows you to see the street in real image at the top of the mobile screen and the map with the directions at the bottom. This novelty is an adjustable option, since you have the possibility to see Street View in full screen, although a bar with the map is shown at the bottom, in case you want to retrieve it and enlarge it.

To activate Split Screen in Street View

Tap the Street View window when you have found the place you want to go / see on Google Maps
Tap the circular expand / condense button that will appear at the bottom right of Street View
Once the split view is open, you will see where you are on the map, as well as the direction you are looking.
The view works whether you have the mobile vertically or if you lay it down to put it in Landscape mode. Of course, the split screen is a novelty that they have begun to distribute from Google, with version 10.59.1, so it is possible that not all users have it available at the moment.


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