Google Maps tells you where to refuel cheaper


Google Maps is one of the most used applications in the world. It allows you to know the route to get anywhere, locate shops, where to eat, know how to get to a specific place by transport, etc. Not forgetting that it has become the most used application as a browser when we travel anywhere by car. In addition to serving as the ideal co-pilot, the truth is that it also offers us very important information about our routes, upcoming restaurants, service areas, gas stations, etc. In addition to all this, the app for iOS and Android has been recently updated to incorporate a long-awaited function, and that is now it shows us the price of gas stations in our country.

It is a function that was already available in other countries and that has now landed in Spain. Therefore, it is already possible to see the price of fuel in the gas stations in our environment or in those to which we have access on our trips. In this way, Google Maps will allow us to save when refueling.

How to check the price of fuel on Google Maps

To see the price of gas stations in Spain, the first thing we have to do is check that we have the updated Google Maps app. In that case, the next thing to do is open the app and tap on the gas stations icon that is displayed just below the search box or do a search for gas stations.

Automatically, we will see how the gas stations closest to our current location are shown on the map on the map and in addition, at the bottom we will see a list with the information of each one of them. There, in addition to the type of gas station, the exact address where it is located and the hours, the price of a liter of gasoline is now displayed next to an icon of a pump.

By default, the price of Unleaded 95 gasoline is always shown, but if we touch on this information we will see how the price of Unleaded 98 and Diesel is displayed. With the simple fact of sliding to the left with our finger on the screen, we will be able to see the information of the rest of the gas stations within our reach.

If we prefer, we can also see all the gas stations in a list format. To do this, simply touch the icon with three dots and three stripes that appears just above the boxes where the information for each gas station is displayed.

By touching on any establishment, we can see the complete file of the gas station, user opinions, reviews, photos, how to get there, location, telephone, website, etc.


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