Google Maps takes steps for takeaway restaurants


Google Maps has launched an important innovation for takeaway restaurants. With the innovation developed by considering people who are at home within the scope of epidemic measures, the needs will be more easily met.

In many parts of the world, people are closed to their homes. In some countries, the curfew has also been implemented. Online shopping is also prominent in order to meet people’s basic food and cleaning needs.

Google Maps is renewed for takeaway restaurants
People who close their homes go out just to meet their needs. However, for those who are unable to go outside and are under ban, Google has taken the step to make delivery to the address and address easier.

With the new feature used on both Android and iOS devices, “Package service” and “address delivery” options will be available on the map interface. Tapping these options will list relevant restaurants and shops closest to the current location.

During the listing, detailed information about restaurants can be obtained. It will be easy to reach important criteria such as comments made by other users, meal types and price information.

It will also be possible to filter the results. In the filtering section, evaluations such as distance, relevance and currently open can be selected.

It is expected that the “currently open” feature will be useful at night.