Google Maps: Street View switches to split screen mode


The new Google Maps update will make it easier for Android device users to use the Street View tool. With a new interface, it is now possible to split the screen and have a panoramic view of the location while browsing the map.

In a simple way, the upper part of the screen will show the images of the extensive collection captured by Google cars. While at the bottom, the user will be able to view the complete map of the region.

Previously, the screen split feature was only available on the web version of Google Maps. When the mobile arrives, this will make Street View even more functional for users, preventing them from getting lost in the “virtual neighborhood”.

The preview mode appears automatically on some Android devices. As in the web version, the user just has to drag the little figure to the blue lines of the map to see the images of the location through Street View.

The functionality is only available to some Maps users with version 10.59.1 of the app. Those who already have this version installed on the device, will have to wait for the update of Google servers to be able to use the split screen.

For now, there is no information on when the screen split feature will reach the iOS version of the app. However, this should happen soon.

Recent Google Maps news

In the past few months, Google Maps has brought important news to users. For example, one of the new functions is the mapping of covid-19 that reveals the presence of the virus in a certain area.

Another implementation was the fast travel feature that features possible shortcuts to people’s journeys. Likewise, he researches public transport routes and schedules that benefit social distance in the pandemic.


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