Google Maps Stops Sharing Traffic In Ukraine To Protect Civilians


In Russia-occupied Ukraine, Google has temporarily disabled the live traffic features offered by Google Maps to protect users’ safety.
While the Russia-Ukraine crisis continues and companies’ embargoes and sanctions come along, Google has taken a step to protect the security of civilians in Ukraine. Many technological conveniences we have in the age of technology can turn into a disadvantage in such war situations.

In this context, Google has disabled a useful feature found in Google Maps. Google Maps provides you with the traffic situation on the roads of the city with the data it collects anonymously from Android devices. However, this feature will not be available in Ukraine for a while for security reasons.

Google Maps live traffic feature disabled in Ukraine
The live traffic feature of Google Maps has been disabled in Ukraine for the safety of citizens. The reason for this was the prevention of possible attacks to high-traffic areas that appear on the maps.

According to an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) expert, Russia carried out repeated attacks in high-traffic areas on the border with Ukraine last Thursday. “I think we were the first people to see the attack, and we saw it in traffic enforcement,” OSINT expert Professor Jerry Lewis said in a statement.

Traffic features have been disabled from global reach, but Google says live traffic information will still be available for drivers in the region using turn-by-turn navigation features. It is unclear whether Google disabled these features during previous conflicts or wars.