Google Maps shows your places visited in 2020


For some time now, it has been possible to activate the Google Maps chronology, which means that Google itself periodically sends us a summary of the sites we have visited each month. On the occasion of the change of year, many users are already receiving a message that shows the 2020 timeline on Google Maps.

The truth is that this past year has been a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, something that has undoubtedly caused certain habits in our lives to change. It goes without saying that mobility has been reduced considerably, hence Google has made some modifications and has focused the information on the local sites visited more than on the trips made during this past year.

Among the main changes that we find in the summary of the year 2020 of the Google Maps chronology, it should be noted that new sections or sections such as visits of the year, 2020 trends, cities visited and places we have been are incorporated. In this way, we will be able to see the time we have spent shopping, as well as the total number of the different places where we have gone, a summary of the journeys made, etc.

On this occasion, little information can be obtained from the countries or trips made, since due to the global pandemic generated by COVID-19, it has been just over two months in which we have been able to register some trips. In this way, Google has tried to adapt to these changes to offer other types of information as a summary of the year 2020 in our Google Maps chronology.

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If you don’t have the Google Maps chronology activated

If you have not yet received this summary, it is possible that you will receive it through your email account in the next few days. It is important to know that if we do not have the chronology activated in Google Maps, we will not be able to access this information. In order to receive this information from now on, then we will have to activate the chronology in the Google maps app itself.

To do this, we open the app, tap on our profile icon and select the option Your chronology. Next, we click on the menu button and choose the Settings and privacy option from the menu that is shown to us. That is where we will find the Your chronology option and where we can activate this function, send us the summary email with the activity and if we want our Google Photos images to be shown in the chronology.

In addition, it is necessary to review the location settings, since we must have this option activated so that the app itself knows our location and can use it in the chronology.


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