Google Maps Shows Vaccination Posts Against Covid-19 in Brazil


Google Maps: As of today (30), Google Maps will show the places of vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil. The information can be accessed through the Search tool or directly on the platform’s map service.

The feature is available in more than 30 cities across the country, including capital cities. In this way, the user is able to obtain the contact and the location of more than 1,800 health posts and health units with the vaccination campaign.

“From January 2021 until now, searches for the term ‘vaccines near me’ have increased fivefold and we want to ensure that people have the most relevant information locally,” says the note on the Google Brazil blog.

As per the statement, more data will be added over the next few weeks. To that end, Google is working with local partners and official sources such as health secretariats and health agencies.

Finally, the company points out that the information may vary according to the cities. As well, they can change frequently as health authorities release new updates.

How do I find vaccination posts near me?

Users can easily obtain information about vaccination points when searching for certain keywords. For example: “vaccine covid near me” or “where to vaccinate against covid in [name of city]”.

Google Maps will then show the addresses and contacts of the health facilities. In addition, there will be data on specific service groups, schedules, need for scheduling and operation with the drive-thru mode.


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