Google Maps shows covid-19 statistics for travelers


Google Maps released on its blog on Wednesday (23) a new tool that shows critical information about cases of covid-19 in certain areas, to serve as guidance to people who wish to travel.

It is a layer to be implanted in Maps, which will display the average of seven days of new cases of covid per 100 thousand people, in addition to indicating to the user if the infection rates are increasing or decreasing.

The source of the information will include some consistent and respectable databases, such as Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times and Wikipedia that constantly update their numbers through international agencies such as the World Health Organization, national governments and local hospitals.

The new functionality will cover different regions and 220 countries, including Brazil, and will be made available to all users on Android, iPhone and iPad over the next few days.

How does the covid tool work?

  • On your mobile device, open Google Maps;
  • At the top, click on “Layers” and click on Information about covid-19.

To know the situation of the destination location, use the following color scale:

  • Gray: less than 1 case per 100 thousand inhabitants
  • Yellow: 1-10 cases
  • Orange: 10-20 cases
  • Dark orange: 20-30 cases
  • Red: 30-40 cases
  • Dark red: more than 40 cases.
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