Google Maps receives support for payment for parking


Available as the main navigation system of Google, the Google Maps application has been receiving interesting news over time, making it more complete and with differentials that encourage its use in opposition to other location apps.

Among the most recent news, we have that Maps received the possibility of using a split screen with the route and Street View, the display of vaccination sites against COVID-19 and now, the possibility of paying for parking directly on the app thanks integration with Google Pay.

According to information shared by Google itself, initially this novelty is being made available from today to users who live in the United States and have an Android device on board (iOS will receive in the future), initially reaching more than 400 cities, including Boston, Cincinnati , Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington.

As can be seen in the explanation below, the user will have the option “pay for parking” displayed on his screen, being subsequently asked for information such as the zone being parked, which car is used and the time. After payment, the app starts displaying a countdown timer with the time remaining on the virtual ticket.


Additionally, Google has also confirmed the inclusion of news related to public transport, allowing the user to also pay for trips directly through Google Maps, as can be seen in the gif below.

Initially, it is mentioned that this digital ticketing service is enabled for the San Francisco Bay area, allowing users to purchase a digital Clipper card, making the cell phone become the form of access in transport.