Google Maps Now Shows If Public Transport Has Crowded


Google Maps geolocation platform has gained new search and navigation functions that will help users who are slowly returning to their routine, after a period of less contact with the outside world due to social isolation and the covid-19 pandemic.

The most relevant news involves information from those who research routes and routes. In the case of public transport, the service warns of crowding on certain buses and even identifies which subway cars are fuller. This is a way for you to prepare yourself before you leave home and make choices that involve as much distance as possible.

These predictions are made based on Artificial Intelligence calculations and patterns based on user history. Availability is limited to certain cities, at least for now, and regions include Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Boston and the US capital of Washington.

In addition, Google Maps added a new tab that shows how your day was based on your travels. This is a way for you to know, in detail, if you’ve spent too much time stuck in traffic or devoted enough time to physical and leisure activities.