Google Maps is coming to Apple Watch again after 3 years


Google announced that the iOS version of the Maps application will be updated. According to the statements made, the update will bring Google Maps back to Apple Watch. In addition, Google Maps will now have a display screen in Apple CarPlay.

One of the most popular services of the US-based technology giant Google is undoubtedly Maps. The application, which offers users impressive features such as navigation and street view, is one of the most preferred map applications in the Android ecosystem. Users on the iOS platform could not use some of the important features of this application. Statements made by Google show that important innovations will come to the iOS version of Maps.

The use of smart devices is getting widespread day by day. Smart watches are one of the most popular products preferred in this sector. Google had pulled the support of Maps for smart watches developed by Apple in 2017. Recent statements reveal that Google Maps is returning to Apple Watch after three years. In addition, Google Maps can now be used more functionally in Apple CarPlay.

According to the statements made by Google, Apple Watch owners will have an impressive experience with the next update. In this context, users can use their smart watches to travel around an area by bicycle, walking or public transport. In addition, users will be able to receive direct navigation support for a previously saved location. However, if a user wants to get navigation service from their smartwatch for a place they haven’t saved before, they will have to use their iPhone first.

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The Google Maps app returns to the Apple Watch

Another feature that Google adds to its mapping service will give Apple CarPlay users a sigh of relief. Because users will have a display screen in Apple CarPlay with an update to be offered. This screen will allow users to control playback for media such as music or podcasts. In addition, users will be able to keep track of their calendar appointments while using the navigation feature. Google will provide this functionality with a split screen.

According to the statements made by Google, users will be able to access the display screen in Apple CarPlay this week. Users will have the opportunity to access Google Maps’ Apple Watch support with an update that will be available in the coming weeks. It seems that by taking this step, Google will confront Apple Maps as a very strong competitor.


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