Google Maps is back on Apple Watch after three years


Google promised last August to bring the Google Maps app back to the Apple Watch. The application, which was removed from the smart watch in 2017, turned into a smart watch again. As we mentioned last month, notable features include route estimates, directions and the ability to access saved locations from your wrist.

The Google Maps application was released for Apple Watch in 2015. However, it could not be used in the smartwatch since 2017. Google had withdrawn this app from the smartwatch for no reason.

The 9to5Google site says the new version does not allow selecting a new location directly from Watch. Before traveling to places not registered on Apple Watch, you need to turn on your phone and start navigating. You can then continue navigating from Apple Watch. As you can see, the Google Maps Apple Watch app offers a relatively basic experience, but it is a welcome development that people have an alternative to Apple Maps on the watch.

To install the new application on the Apple Watch, the Google Maps application must first be updated to the 5.52 version on the iPhone. You can update the application by following this App Store link. The watchOS application works with watchOS 5 or higher. In other words, this application will not be installed on the first generation Apple Watch.

Google’s popular navigation tool has returned to the Apple Watch, but apps like Twitter, Amazon, and others that disappeared from Apple’s wearable platform are not yet back. Apple Watch is getting more and more robust and useful. Maybe we can see those missing apps coming as well.

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