Google Maps: How to Place And Share Any Point


Google Maps is one of the applications that is not lacking on a smartphone. And it is that having a software that tells you where you are and how you can get to a site never hurts. But sometimes it is not just a matter of using the search engine and that the application surprises you, but that you yourself can take a look at the digital map and select a location. This is called Pin and we are going to tell you how to create it and take full advantage of Google Maps.

How to use Google Maps Pins

Cartographic applications have a form of use equal to that of any map. They are based on the coordinates with which you can choose a point on the map. Electronics has democratized its use and now everything is as simple as looking for the name of a town, a restaurant or a point that has been sent to you by your favorite messaging application. These actions can be very simple, especially the last one, but even this one has a number of ways to use it.

For this you need to know what Pins are. Surely you have seen it sometime, since it is currently the icon of the Google app. This is used to locate a specific point on the map, whether or not it is an important point that contains detailed information. To use it, simply select the site you have seen to obtain its information. Otherwise, you just have to press and hold the screen on the site you want to view to place one of these Pins. You can also use the right mouse click if you do it from your computer.

Once this is done, two things will appear in the search box: one can be the name of the site you select and the other a coordinate. The latter is important because it is part of the second part of the article to place and share a Pin on Google Maps.

Share Pins between devices

We change the subject a bit, because you should know that to share a Google Maps Pin through different devices. Of course you will know the Share option enabled on your smartphone, but when it comes to using your PC you also have several options. One of them is to share the coordinates that we told you about before, which always helps to place a point on the map. The other is to use the option ‘Send to your phone’ if you are on your computer to send it from your mobile or use a messaging app on it and share the URL.


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