Google Maps Gains New AI-enhanced Features


Google Maps: Google I / O 2021 started on Tuesday (18), bringing several news about the products of the Mountain View giant. One of the apps whose updates were revealed at the opening of the conference is Maps, which promises to become even more practical, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Among the functions that will arrive at Google Maps is the suggestion of safer routes for travelers. Using AI to analyze traffic conditions, weather and other factors, it indicates the quietest and fastest roads, prioritizing those with the lowest accident rates.

The augmented reality tool Live View has undergone some improvements, to assist the user while he walks through an unknown region. By activating it, it will be possible to check information about the commerce, check new street signs and locate yourself in relation to the hotel, if you are traveling.

Another novelty will be in the detailed street maps, launched in August last year, which will reach other 50 cities, including São Paulo. With the aid of an algorithm, they will display more complete information on sidewalks and crosswalks, allowing wheelchair users and people driving baby strollers to move around comfortably.

Busy areas and tailored maps

Knowing whether a particular area of ​​the city is very busy or extremely empty will also be possible using Google Maps. This novelty promises to be useful for those who want to escape from agglomerations and for those looking for night time hotspots, such as bars, fairs and events.

Google also revealed that Maps will become even more personalized, based on the user’s tastes and activities. When you open it during the morning, on a weekday, it will display the nearest cafeterias. But if you use it on Saturday or Sunday, the app will provide suggestions for fun.

The new features of the map app will be released globally in the coming months, both on Android and iOS.


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