Google Maps gains functionality for coronavirus mapping


The “new normal” caused by the pandemic has influenced Google to launch more functions for Maps focused on protection against the coronavirus. Recently, the application received new mapping tools from covid-19, aiming to help users who plan to travel during the holidays.

One of the news that will come to the app in the coming weeks is an overlay that displays more details about the presence of the coronavirus in an area. Based on data released by authorities, the application shows information such as the number of detected cases and a disease growth rate by region.

Google Maps also received improvements aimed at using public transport during the pandemic. The novelty is being distributed globally and allows you to view the level of capacity of a bus in real time. The data is based on information provided by other users.

The company also expanded the scope of the function of tracking deliveries on Google Maps. Now available in Brazil, the tool allows the user to place orders in restaurants and track the delivery route directly in the application.

US users have also started to receive an update to Google Maps that brings a driving mode to the app. Available in beta, the tool combines Google Assistant with the geolocation platform during use in cars.

In order not to disturb the use of Maps, the assistant interface is discreetly opened directly in the navigation app and allows you to control smartphone functions easily with your voice. The user can answer or reject calls, answer messages and control apps without taking their hands off the wheel.

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