Google Maps displays clustered locations in time


Google announced a new feature for Maps that promises to be useful during the pandemic: the service will show, in real time, the movement level of commercial establishments and public places. The function will be available on the app’s Home and also on the web version of the service.

Google Maps already had tools that displayed the level of movement and peak times, but the new interface promises to facilitate access to information. The capacity of the establishments will appear directly on the map, with a red circle that increases according to the number of people estimated at the location. The information will also be shown in the Live View feature, which uses augmented reality.

Google decided to launch the novelty after an increase in searches for peak hours in commercial establishments. According to the company, engagement with the role rose by 50% during the months of March and May, a time when the coronavirus pandemic began to grow exponentially.

Comprehensive coverage

The new function will be released globally and promises to arrive with a great coverage. According to the company, the tool will cover five times as many sites as in June 2020.

In addition to commercial establishments, Google Maps will display movement information for more public areas, including parks and beaches. When defining a location using the directions tool, the user will also receive an alert showing the level of people at the final destination.

The Google Maps update also has an extra tab providing details on how business is operating during the pandemic. When opening the page of an establishment, the user will find information such as security measures and opening hours.

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The news announced by Google will soon arrive on Maps on Android, iOS and also on the desktop version.


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