Google Maps Begins to Show Coronavirus Alerts on Android and iOS


Google Maps has started showing coronavirus alerts to Android, iPhone and web users, which have become pandemics. While warning the users in the U.S., the link to the CDC’s official site is being linked, people are advised to consult their doctor before going to a medical institution.

Many methods are being tried to combat the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread around the world after it emerged in Wuhan, the People’s Republic of China, and has caused the death of 11,399 so far. Finally, Google Maps started broadcasting alerts to its users.

In the message published on Google Maps, users in the USA are advised to contact their doctor before going to a health center, while the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) are cited as a resource. The coronavirus alert is displayed to users when medical searches are made on Google Maps.

The situation is getting worse in the USA
While the coronavirus alert appears on all platforms such as Android, iPhone and the web, the number of people seeking medical help points on Google Maps is estimated to increase in parallel with the increase in coronavirus cases in the USA. When the alert is clicked, it redirects to the page of the CDC containing the COVID-19 instructions.

CDC’s instructions state that people who feel sick should call their doctor before going to a health center. Likewise, it is pointed out that someone who has a severe illness at home should call 911 first.

Google was beginning to take some measures to combat the new deadly coronavirus pandemic. For example, the company promised to develop a national COVID-19 website, as Donald Trump announced. While the publication of the site is delayed, it is said to be in a much more limited scope than was originally announced. Google also provided a COVID-19 news panel on YouTube’s homepage, providing quick access to reliable information about coronavirus developments. In addition, the quality of video playback in Europe, now considered the center of the pandemic, was reduced to SD.

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The total number of coronavirus cases confirmed in the USA as of March 21, 19,774. The number of deaths caused by coronavirus throughout the country is 275. It is stated that the situation in the USA may be worse than Italy if effective measures are not taken immediately.


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