Google Maps already calculates your rented bike route


Google Maps is the default application you need to move around the places you don’t know. Even if you are in your city you always need an indication that takes you to the place you want, go on foot, public or private transport. However, in large cities they have vehicle rental services, with the electric bicycle being one of the most widespread. Getting around with this vehicle is very simple, but now it will be even more so with the help of new Google Maps indications if you move on a rented bike

New directions for bikes arrive on Maps

The use of bicycle rental services is increasingly present in cities. What do you want to go to a site fast and avoiding all the traffic? No problem, take the bike that is closest to you, use the app that asks you to start using it and start pedaling. If you do not know where to find the closest service you can always search a website for these services or ask Google Maps, a function that has been active for a year.

But in Mountain View they have seen that a remodeling of the system is necessary for these users and that is why now it allows you to trace your routes taking into account the points of collection and collection of bikes. You will have to walk, surely, but at least it will be a small section that you will have to do until you reach your destination. In essence, the new feature now tells you not only where to take your rented bike, but also the path you have to take until you reach the next collection point closest to your destination.

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In Spain we have to wait

If you are a user of Google Maps you should know that the application gives you all the possible routes to reach your destination, regardless of the medium you choose. Of course, it will not always take the same because not the time that a bus loses in making all its stops is not the same as that of a motorcycle that goes directly to a place and dodges the cars. With bicycles something similar happens and that’s why in the city you will arrive earlier in a light transport.

However, the new Google Maps function that calculates the route time on a rented bike will not arrive first in Spain. We will have to wait a while for it to reach other cities around the globe while in Washington DC, London; Mexico City or Rio de Janeiro can already use it.


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