Google makes searching for licensable images easier


Google announced yesterday (31) an update to its image search system, which promises to make it easier to differentiate the photos available for free use from those protected by copyright. The change is being developed in partnership with licensing companies.

With the new functions of Google Images, photos that have licensing information provided by the publisher or creator will appear, in the search, with the seal “Licencível”, indicating the possibility of use on other platforms, if you follow the owner’s instructions.

By clicking on them, it will be possible to check the details provided by the creator, indicating the requirements for the use of that content. In the case of an image for sale, there is a possibility to find a link to purchase the use rights, provided that the licensor has provided such information.

The user also has the option to add filters to the search, to display the results according to the type of licensing sought. You can, for example, choose to view only images with a less restrictive Creative Commons license, or just commercial photos. To do so, just use the “Use rights” drop-down menu and define your preferences.

Platform has undergone several changes in recent years
Initially used to search for free photos on the internet, the Google Images platform has undergone several changes over time, serving mainly creators, with the aim of reducing the misuse of copyrighted images.

According to the search giant, the update is in line with other changes already made to the service, to “make it clear who the creator or copyright holder is”. The company also said it plans to contribute to a more responsible use of the service, encouraging users to respect the standards.

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This latest novelty is being implemented gradually, and should reach all users in the coming days.


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