Google Makes Search Results Look Simple 22 Years Ago


A plugin called Simple Search changes Google search results from a modern yet cluttered look to an old but simple look. However, if you want, you can continue to use modern search results.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has undergone a lot of changes since its launch on September 4, 1998. Nowadays, Google does more than just rank websites that contain any information you are looking for on the web. Google has turned into an information panel; With information cards, Google service integrations and much more, it is no longer a simple search engine.

A developer called The Markup has released a new browser plug-in called Simple Search for those who want a simpler Google that lists websites that offer only the terms you search for. Available in both Chrome and Firefox, the add-on is roughly turning Google back to its old, plain days.

With Simple Search, you can get an extremely simple Google search results page

Simple Search basically has two different purposes. The first is to be able to offer users a simpler Google experience as we mentioned above. The second is to raise awareness about how often Google Search redirects users to other Google services, that is, to show how Google includes users to the Google ecosystem “whether they want to”.

When you install Simple Search, a small window opens above Google’s main search results page that lists websites related to your search and has a search bar so you can perform new searches. However, if you want to view Google’s own search results page, you can close this window.

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