Google makes it harder for Android apps to spy


Google makes it difficult for malicious people to spy on Android applications with the change it made in its Developer Program Policy. The company restricted the use of high-risk or sensitive permissions.

With this change, an Android application is prevented from seeing the list of other Android applications installed on the device. Only applications that need to access this list for their main function will be granted access.

According to the post on the Google Play Console help support page, if an app doesn’t meet the conditions, the developer needs to make changes to the code of the app and cut off the list access. The changes will take effect as of May 5th.

Thanks to this change, it is also difficult for an Android application to see other applications on the device. Thus, user privacy and security are also strengthened. Because an application that can access the application inventory is also likely to be used for advertising targeting or malicious purposes. In the updated policy of Google, it is emphasized that applications should present their justifications in a very concrete way in order to get access to the application inventory.

Google has not neglected to mention that the change will only come into effect when an application does Android API targeting at level 30 on devices with Android 11 or higher.


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