Google Magenta Lo-Fi Player, music creation project


Creating music is now possible for anyone thanks to the interesting Google project, Magenta Lo-Fi Player

Google’s Magenta research project has produced Lo-Fi Player, a fun and interactive tool that allows anyone to create their own looped lo-fi music mix.

The Magenta player has been inspired by the myriad of music channels using the lo-fi style that abound on YouTube, as this genre is one that has become popular with the use of the internet, offering a mix of jazz, hip- hop, sound bites, skips, looping beats, and more.

The Google Magenta Lo-Fi Player is a fun way for anyone to be a low-fidelity loop music creator. Appealing to the style and features usually shared by Lo-Fi music YouTube channels, the Magenta player features a pixel art interface with clickable elements.

Google Magenta Lo-Fi Player, music for everyone

In this way, users can choose a variety of settings for their looping mix, including atmospheric sounds, base, and even music mood, achieving all this with configurable settings via basic sliders and drop-down menus. .

The Magenta Lo-Fi Player interface was created by Vibert Thio, an intern from the Google Brain team, who explained that the Lo-Fi genre was chosen due to the simplicity of its structure, allowing users to modify different aspects and the music will always sound good.

This player is much more than a simple point, click and repeat tool, the TV that is in the virtual room interface, allows anyone to create new melodies for their lo-fi mix; it also works with MusicVAE, while the radio within the interface works with MelodyRNN, which also allows users to create new and unique tunes for their enjoyment.

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