Google Made The Announcement Of Its Portfolio!


Google held its annual conference called Cloud Next. In this context, it announced its broad portfolio of hybrid cloud services.


Google made some statements at Google Cloud Next, the company’s annual customer conference. It announced a broad portfolio of hybrid cloud services designed to provide computing at the edge of the company’s network of data centers, a partner facility, or a customer’s private data center.

Sachin Gupta, Google General Manager and Vice President of IaaS Product, explained the strategy behind the announcement. At this point, he said they want to bring together customers who may have specific workloads that don’t fit well with the cloud in general. He added that they constantly hear from potential customers.

Gupta: May have security and various compliance requirements

A number of alternatives will be provided to customers. Gupta continues, “What we found is that there are several factors that are preventing customers from moving to the cloud in general right away. For example, they may have low latency requirements or may not have enough of the large amounts of data they need to process and move back to the cloud. There may also be security, privacy, data residency or other compliance requirements.”

The goal of the solution is a consistent and modern approach to computing using containers and Kubernetes or virtual machines. Google provides updates through a reliable download site. Customers can keep them under control.

What holds this approach of Google together is Anthos, the control software it introduced a few years ago. In addition, customers have the opportunity to manage their software wherever they are in the company or in the data center.

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