Google locks Afghan government email accounts


Google is locking some accounts belonging to the Afghan government. Although Google did not accept this directly, it made a statement.


Troubled developments in Afghanistan have mobilized a technology giant. Google, who did not want the Taliban terrorist organization to access the Afghan government’s e-mails, found the solution to lock all e-mails. The main reason for this is that the terrorist organization Taliban acted with revanchism.

Google has locked some, if not all, accounts

According to a source informing Reuters, Google has locked some of the Afghan government email accounts after the terrorist organization Taliban took over. The source states that there are growing concerns about how the terrorist organization can take revenge on those who have worked with the US government. Although the spokesperson of the terrorist organization promised everyone an amnesty, the images from the field show the opposite. Such images also undermine trust in them.

In the source’s statement to Reuters, Google did not openly confirm that they had locked specific accounts, but stated that they were “taking temporary measures to secure relevant accounts” while monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

It is stated that the source who transmits information with locked e-mails to Reuters is a former government employee. The terrorist organization told him last month to save the data on his agency’s servers. “If I do that, then they will have access to previous ministry data and official communications,” the source said. He also stated that he did not do as requested and is currently hiding.


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