Google Limits Location Requiring Applications


Many apps available on the Google Play Store are requesting location access from users, although this is not required. Google, which does not welcome this situation for privacy, brings some limitations to developers. Now developers will need to get approval from Google without tracking location.

Some smartphone apps constantly receive location information from users. These bad apps, like the user’s phone stealing from battery life while running in the background, can be limited by Android 10 users. Also, Android 11, which will be available this year, is expected to reduce this location access once. However, this problem should be solved not only for top Android users but for smartphone users in general.

Google plans to control location access by bringing a change to the Play Store policy. This change is made for users using versions older than Android 10. With the new rules, developers will now have to get approval before they need location access to their apps.

Most apps don’t need location
“When we examined the applications that track location in the background, we realized that most applications do not need this. The vast majority of these applications were able to perform the same functions by tracking location only when the user was using the application. We want to make it easier for users to choose when to share location information. Applications should not receive location information from users even though they don’t need it. ”

Google, who made the above comments, will no longer give developers the chance to request locations as they wish. Application developers will only be able to add this feature to their applications by getting approval from Google in person. The Google Play Store review team will decide if apps need location information with the following questions: Does the app offer the user a clear function? Would users guess that this app requires location access? Does the location feature have anything to do with the main function of the app? Could the same usage experience be obtained if location access was not provided in the background?

Google’s decision will go into effect in April. New applications will be sanctioned on 3 August, and old applications will be audited and removed from the platform on 2 November if necessary.


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