Google Lens Will Be Launched For PC And Will Receive Mobile Improvements


Google announced this Wednesday (29), that the Google Lens feature will now also be available in Chrome. The news was revealed during Search On, the company’s annual event focused on web search solutions.

The functionality, which is already used on Android smartphones, will allow the user to select a text, image or video from a website to “scan” the content on the internet. It is noteworthy that the search results will appear in the same tab, without the need to open a new one just to check the information.

News on smartphones

The feature available on cell phones will also gain new features. Now, thanks to a technology called Multitask Unified Model (MUM), the user will be able to make Google Lens search even more specific. Like? The company explains. Imagine that you came across a shirt that has a nice print. But you actually wanted to find a pair of socks with that image.


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