Google Launches Web Application of ‘Drive’ Service


Google created the web application of the Drive service, which is actively used by many users. The web application, which is currently available to a limited user mass, will be available to all users in the future.

With the widespread use of the Internet, a new technology called “cloud” entered our lives. This technology allows consumers to transfer files that are important to them to a server and then access them on the same server. In other words, cloud technologies contribute greatly to the storage of personal files.

US-based technology giant Google is one of the companies that offer cloud services. Google’s cloud service is called “Drive” and consumers upload the files they want to keep on their Google servers to this service. Google has now made a crucial development for the cloud storage service and created a web application of Drive. So users can now have a better Drive experience.

The web application offered by Google for the Drive service; It is available on Windows, macOS and Google’s Chromebooks. After installing the application on your internet browser, you start to use the Drive service as if it were a local application. This gives you a cleaner Drive experience.

The Drive app service is currently only available to a limited audience. Because Drive’s new web app isn’t fully ready for use. However, after a while, Google will complete all necessary actions and make the web application of Drive available to all users.

How can you use Google Drive’s web application?
As we just mentioned, Google Drive’s web application is not available to all users at this time. However, you can be one of the lucky users that Google allows. If you want to try your luck and find out if Google Drive’s web app is available to you, you can use the link here.

If Google has provided you with the web application of the Drive service for your account, you can understand this by the “+” symbol in the circle at the end of the address bar. If you click on this icon, you can install Google Drive’s web application, but if there is no such icon, you are not one of the lucky users.

If you can install the Google Drive app, you can see a simple interface as you can see in the photo above. The most striking point of this interface is that the address bar is hidden. We can also say that the web application in question is more functional and faster.


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