Google Launches Unified Android Backup System


Google: This Thursday (21st), Google began to release “Backup by Google One”, which will replace the default backup system for Android devices. The change promises to unify the types of files that will be synchronized with the cloud in a single tool and will offer the integration of videos, photos and MMS messages. The update will be finalized in the “coming weeks” and is offered for Android devices starting with version 8.0.

The novelty is an emigration of the tool, which already exists in the Google One app, to the default device settings. The unification means that the user will not have to manage and keep track of different backup services.

Streamlining backup setup

The sync of videos and images works with Google Photos, which stopped offering unlimited cloud space in June — some users are still able to “bypass” the system.

Consumers will be limited by 15GB of free storage; there are, however, monthly fees to increase the “ceiling”, which cost from R$ 6.99. Check out the benefits of each plan on the company’s website.

According to the Android Police portal, Backup by Google One will not replace the existing control panel in the Google One app, which is also available for iOS devices. The user will still be able to access the settings through the app or the browser.