Google Launches PT-BR Version Of Free App That Teaches Programming


Google announced, this Tuesday (08), that it has launched in Brazil a Portuguese version of Grasshopper, an app that teaches programming for beginners. The software is now available for free in versions for Android phones and PC.

The program, which was created by a team at the tech giant called “Area 120,” uses interactive JavaScript games and lessons. According to the company, the launch for Brazil aims to “remove the barriers that limit access to education and prepare adults and young people for careers that use programming.”

“Programming is becoming an essential skill in the job market, and we want everyone to be able to learn about it,” said Susana Ayarza, director of marketing at Google.

Grasshopper integrates the Grow with Google program, which brings together brand programs that are aimed at developing people and businesses and can be accessed on this site.

How Grasshopper Works

The app offers a platform aimed at people who are starting or want to get started in the programming world. To assist in didactics, an interactive methodology with visual puzzles is used, which encourage students to use coding concepts such as functions, loops and variables.

Grasshopper helps, among other things, in creating animations, solving problems using codes and building websites with HTML and CSS. With the arrival of the tool in the country, Brazilians will receive support and feedback in Portuguese.

The company stated that this is an important opportunity, as programming knowledge has become essential for the professionals of the future.

The app has been used for at least 1 hour by more than 1 million people since it was launched in 2018. Google also recalled that Grasshopper has helped in the inclusion of women in the technology sector. The tool was even named after Grace Hopper, one of the pioneers in computer programming.


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