Google Launches New Video Astrography Mode for Pixel Line


Google this week announced a series of new features for the Pixel line of smartphones. Added via feature drops, which guarantee exclusivity for these devices, features include locked folders, short videos on astrophotography, in addition to the expansion of features in some countries and other surprises.

Astrophotography Videos

With the arrival of cameras designed to capture images in low light, astrophotography has been an added attraction in several smartphones. In the news released for the Pixel family, Google has included the possibility to create videos of the moving stars. Just take multiple photos using Night View mode and group them into video. The feature, available from Pixel 4 onwards, is explained in this link.

Wallpapers and ringtones to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride
Celebrated globally in June, LGBTQIA+ Pride will also be stamped on Pixels’ screens, through the bold and cheerful design of artist Ashton Attzs and others, who sign the line’s new wallpapers, not to mention the Pride-themed ringtones and notifications. by YouTube creators.

Folder locked on Google Photos

In the current privacy-enhancing climate, the locked folder feature for Google Photos was one of the highlights of last month’s Google I/O conference.

In the case of Pixel, it will be possible to add these images to the locked folder directly from the smartphone camera. By doing this, they are saved on the device, but do not appear in shared albums, memories or through any type of application. They can only be accessed using a password or fingerprint.

smarter pixel

If Pixel is ringing but not close to the user, calls can now be answered (or rejected) by Google Assistant. Just say “Ok Google, answer call” or “Ok Google, reject call”. That simple.


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