Google Launches New Generation of Titan Key Physical Security Key


Google announced this Monday (9) a new generation of physical security key Titan Key, which can be used as a two-step verification modality for accounts and equipment. The original model was released in 2018.

The great highlight of the 2021 model is the presence of NFC as an approximation connectivity technology, which eliminates the need to use Bluetooth — the first generation models will be discontinued, but those who have the keys can continue using the devices normally.

Also, it is now possible to choose between a USB-A model, which is the traditional and older connector, and USB-C.

Removing Bluetooth from available technologies is also important to eliminate any security breaches, such as one that was identified a few years ago. Compliant with FIDO protection standards, the accessories are manufactured by partner FeiTian and modified to include custom software from Google.


The new generation of Titan Key security keys will be sold in two modes from the Google Store, the company’s official online store.

USB-A+NFC (with USB-A to USB-C adapter) – US$30 (about R$155)
USB-C+NFC (without adapters) – US$35 (approximately R$185)
At least for now, sales are restricted to the United States.