Google launches ‘Guest Mode’ for smart devices


With the objective of increasing the privacy of users, Google launched on Wednesday (13) the “Guest Mode” for branded devices such as speakers and smart monitors. The novelty allows you to keep your interactions with the company’s virtual assistant even more secure and protected.

When triggered on gadgets like Nest Audio and Nest Hub Max, the new feature prevents interactions with the Google Assistant from being saved to the device owner’s account, which is interesting for when others are using them.

Just say “Ok Google, activate guest mode” to trigger it. From there, you can ask questions, play music, set timers, control other smart devices, and enjoy countless features without gadgets showing personal results like contacts or calendar entries.

According to the Mountain View giant, the smart speaker or smart display emits a distinctive sound signal to alert you to the feature’s activation, in addition to displaying a visitor icon on the screen. But if you are still in doubt, just ask the device: “Guest mode is on?”

Useful in different situations

As its name suggests, the new feature is interesting for the moments when you receive guests and offers them the possibility to use their smart devices without the interaction data being stored in them.

But the function can be useful in several other situations, such as when you are looking for a gift for someone in the house, for example, and do not want the suggestions to appear on the smart display. The feature is active until it is turned off, and to do so, just say: “Ok Google, disable guest mode”.

The novelty is now available in English on Google Nest speakers and monitors. Other languages ​​and devices will receive the tool over the next few months.


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