Google launches free online courses for job seekers


Google has launched new options for free online courses for those looking for their first job. Available through the Ateliê Digital platform, qualifications are also indicated to professionals looking for new placements in the market.

There are three new distance learning courses launched at this time, featuring video classes that address basic digital skills for work and everyday life. The contents also include tips on how to use Google to search for a job, put together a resume, organize an inbox and plan meetings, among other things.

“We are launching new digital skills programs needed for the job market and classes to boost the search for jobs,” commented Google Brazil Marketing Manager Jimena Tomás. According to her, the goal of the project is to serve more than 100 thousand young people participating in Expo CIEE Virtual 2020, an event that will take place until next Friday (13).

Launched in 2017, Ateliê Digital is part of the Grow with Google program. The platform offers courses and training for people looking for a job, also serving professionals who want to thrive at work or invest in small businesses.

Available courses

The first three lessons in Module 1 of the new free Google courses are now available. The topics covered are the use of the search engine to look for job opportunities, the creation and editing of resumes.

In December, the next three lessons will be launched: using digital tools, salary negotiation techniques and meeting planning. Module 2 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, bringing five more free courses.

See Also

Registration is open on the Ateliê Digital website. The platform also provides free mentoring with Human Resources specialists, which take place until the end of the month and provide important tips for preparing for interviews and creating a LinkedIn profile.


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