Google Launches Feature That Explains Search Results


A feature Google implemented in April on its search platform will become even more powerful. Big tech announced this Thursday (22), that it has begun to expand the tool through which it explains why search results appear.

Previously, the functionality only offered some details regarding suggestions for searches, such as data about the website where certain information was displayed and the security of the connection. It will now provide a guide to how the algorithm determines the relevance of referrals.

For example, if someone asks the search engine “how to bake fish in the oven”, the engine describes which words are taken into account (“how”, “roast”, “fish” and “oven”), terms associated with the subject (“ingredients” “, “recipe” and “roast”) and the language to which the search is related (“Portuguese”). Also, in which region such interest is relevant.

“The way Google determines what information is relevant and trustworthy for a given query is based on a number of factors. While they may seem complex, some of these fundamental concepts are actually quite simple and can be helpful for people to understand when they start to research”, highlights the company.

How about this term? And if you remove this other one?

Tips on how to improve your Google tours are also part of the novelty, such as the use of quotation marks around words and phrases, which specify the need for the excerpt to remain in the results, or the exclusion of terms that harm the person’s objective by behind the action.

Initially, the launch, accessed by tapping or clicking on the three dots next to the results, will arrive in the United States. In the coming months, says the giant, the tool will be available in more countries and languages.


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