Google Launches Exclusive Quantum Computing Campus


Google revealed on Tuesday (18) that it opened a campus dedicated exclusively to the development of technologies for quantum computing. The complex will be located in Santa Barbara, California. There, there will be the hardware research labs and the quantum processors’ own factories.

According to the company, the goal is to build a quantum computer in less than a decade, to seek solutions to urgent global problems, such as the use of sustainable energy, and to guarantee new scientific discoveries. This is because, it will be necessary to “simulate nature with extreme precision”, which cannot be done with a classic computer. For this, Google is looking for a system capable of accelerating scientific discovery, guaranteeing cutting-edge AI, better batteries, more efficient medicines, among others.


To achieve the goals, Google must build 1,000,000 physical qubits, which must work together to correct errors. Currently, the systems have about 100 qubits.

Subject in development …


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