Google launches Doodle about the conjunction of Jupiter


Google launched a special Doodle to celebrate the alignment between Jupiter and Saturn, which occurs today (21) and will be visible to the naked eye throughout Brazil. The novelty also celebrates the arrival of summer in the southern hemisphere.

In the Doodle on the “Great Conjunction”, as the approximation between the two largest planets in the Solar System is also known, the gas giants are presented as animated characters that greet each other when they get close to each other. Meanwhile, Earth observes the rare astronomical event.

By clicking on the animation created in partnership with NASA, which temporarily replaces the Mountain View giant’s logo on the search engine’s homepage, the Internet user has access to the main news about the alignment of the planets.

The phenomenon is being awaited with great expectation by astronomy fans. The conjunction happens every 20 years, but the last time with the two planets as close as now is almost 800 years ago. It is worth mentioning that despite appearing as a “double planet” this evening, they will be 450 million kilometers away from each other.

How to observe the great conjunction

It will be possible to observe the alignment between Jupiter and Saturn about an hour after sunset, on Monday. Just look towards the west, just above the horizon, and locate the two bright spots in the sky. Apps like Google Sky Map and Stellarium help you find them.

It is recommended to be in a location that offers an unobstructed view of the sky, such as a park or field, and you do not need to use any observation equipment. However, the use of telescopes and binoculars offers a greater level of detail for the two planets.

If it is not possible to observe the event in your region, for some reason, an alternative is to watch the live broadcast of the great conjunction on the National Observatory YouTube channel from 5:30 pm, through the link below:


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