Google Launches Continuous Scrolling on Mobile Searches


Google: This Thursday (14), Google announced the launch of continuous scrolling for displaying search content on mobile. With the new feature, the user who reaches the bottom of the results home page will automatically receive the next four item listings without having to use the “See More” button.

The company says that most people looking for additional information tend to view up to four pages on the site, so upgrading will make browsing more intuitive and smooth.

The feature can help expose sites that don’t top the results and facilitate searches that benefit from “second opinions.” In addition, continuous scrolling makes viewing materials similar to other services and social networks — Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, for example.

That said, the initiative is not endless: after displaying results equivalent to four pages, the “See More” button will appear.

The new experience is already gradually being made available for most searches in English for mobile devices in the United States. The company did not provide details on adapting the feature to other languages ​​and countries, but the trend is that the change will be applied in more places in the future.


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