Google Launches Chrome 91 With News on Mobile and PC

Google recently released Chrome 91, the newest version of the company’s browser. The new edition is now available for PCs and mobile phones in a stable way on the official website of the browser and is being gradually distributed in smartphone app stores.

Chrome 91 has improvements and news on both computers and mobile phones. Google posted a video on its YouTube channel for developers detailing some of the improvements, which may go unnoticed by users.

With the launch of Chrome 91, Google has finally officially released Linux apps on Chromebooks. Programs made for open source systems could have been used on the OS for about three years now, but the function was still in beta.

For those who use the desktop version of Chrome, one of the novelties of version 91 is the tab button. The interface now also displays sites that have recently been closed, ensuring quick access to recently used pages.

The browser now also works better with files from the PC. With version 91, the user can copy any file from the computer and paste it into webapps and websites, such as Gmail, for example.

What’s new in Chrome for mobile

The mobile version of Chrome also received news, and one of the changes is related to competitor Edge. After Microsoft made design suggestions for Chromium, Google decided to adopt a new look for its browser’s form buttons.

Design changes are applied to multiple choice forms, calendars and progress bars. The images above, compiled by XDA Developers, show some of the changes.

The Chrome mobile edition has also officially begun to receive a button to follow sites on Android. The novelty, which uses the same base as the old Google Reader, was recently announced by Google.

Chrome 91 is now available for download on the desktop and is also being distributed to mobile phones. To find out if the new version is already installed on your device, enter the program settings and enter the “About Google Chrome” tab to check for updates.



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