Google launches the Camera Go app for low-cost phones


Google is launching a new camera application that promises to bring interesting improvements to low-cost mobile phones, which usually do not offer as many features as those found on more expensive devices. This is Camera Go, a kind of soft version of Gcam.

Developed for smartphones with Android Go, a system version optimized for entry phones, the Google Camera Go app has a simple interface that facilitates actions even for less experienced users, offering some improvements when registering images.

One of the tools it adds is Portrait Mode, very common on the most advanced devices. Here, it works through the software, not requiring an extra lens to generate the effect, as normally cheap cell phones have only one sensor at the rear and one at the front.

In addition to the feature of photos with depth, it has other camera modes to use in different situations and stands out for being light and adapted to run on smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM, preventing crashes, according to Google. The software can also track available space and suggests ways to free up memory so you don’t miss any photos or videos.

Those interested in taking advantage of the tool to improve the phone’s camera will be able to download Google Camera Go soon from the Play Store. The novelty can be installed on all devices with Android Go.

Recently presented, Nokia 1.3 will be the first cell phone to receive the new Google camera app for input devices, a model that should start to be sold in April on the international market, costing 95 euros, equivalent to R $ 508 for quotation of the day, in direct conversion.


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