Google Launches Beta Tests of ‘Nearby Sharing’ New Service for Wireless Data Sharing


Google launched the file sharing application Nearby Sharing in beta. This app works just like Apple’s Airdrop and Huawei’s Huawei Share. This feature, which allows users to transfer files wirelessly and quickly, will be available in Android versions 6 and above.

With the introduction of new technologies of smart phones, important convenience has come to our lives. One of these conveniences was the ability to transfer data wirelessly between the two devices. While Apple enabled this event with a feature called Airdrop, Huawei also enabled “Huawei Share” and Samsung enabled “S-Share” and wireless data transfer over Wi-Fi. Now this feature seems to be standard on all Android devices via Google.

Google has been working on a feature called “Nearby Sharing” for a while. This feature will replace the feature called “Android Beam”, which has lost value with Android 10. Emerging as part of Google Play Services, Nearby Sharing will allow users to easily share data. Now, Google has begun using Nearby Sharing for Android users using Google Play Services in beta.

Purpose To facilitate data transfer between Android versions 6 and above

The first screenshots from Nearby Sharing reveal that this app can work just like Airdrop. A user can transfer files to another user with the Nearby Sharing feature, which he displays under the sharing options. This feature, where users can adjust their visibility, allows nearby users to be identified and files to be sent. Moreover, a user can only be visible to users in their contacts.

Google’s Nearby Sharing service works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, just like Airdrop. When users want to transfer data to each other, Bluetooth connects the two devices. Then Wi-Fi provides fast data transfer between the two devices. However, there is currently no way to know how efficient the implementation is.

File sharing options created by technology manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple or Huawei could only be used for that brand. So when a user wanted to send data via Airdrop, they could only do this with another iPhone. The situation was the same for Samsung and Huawei. Google’s Nearby Sharing app seems to remove these restrictions.

Google has not shared any detailed information about its new service so far. However, the company has announced that it will give more details about this service in the future. So we will soon be able to learn more about Nearby Sharing. However, we can clearly say that the aim of Google is to facilitate file sharing in all versions of Android 6 and above with Nearby Sharing.


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