Google launches application that scans documents using


Division of experimental and development projects at Google, Area 120 presented this Tuesday (30th) a new application for Android. This is Stack, a tool designed to scan documents.

Except that Stack is not just another camera tool. It works based on artificial intelligence, more specifically from Google’s own platform called DocAI.

From there, the scanner improves the final result of the capture and even organizes the files according to the type – it is able to read the content quickly and know if that is a resume, contract, receipt or an identification document, for example . At the end of the process, it “stacks” (hence the name of the application) the files in the respective folders.

This feature can still be used to help you find important information on scanned sheets, such as the expiration date of a boleto, for example. To store your information, Stack is protected by a secure login using the user’s fingerprint.

For now, Stack is only available for Android on the Google Play Store. It can be downloaded only in the United States so far, but it may have the tests expanded to other regions in the future.


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